Friday, March 28, 2008


There's a snake coming out of the darkness.
Parade from paradise.
End the need for Eden,
Chase the dreams of merchandise.
There is tic and toc in atomic.
Leaders make a deal.
The cosmic is largely comic,
A con they couldn't conceal.
There is no safe seat at the feast,
Take your best stab at the beast.
The night is turning thin,
The saint is turning to sin.
Raise the art to resistance,
Danger dare to be grand.
Pride reduced to humble pie,
Diamonds down to sand.
Take heart from earth and weather.
The brightness of new birth.
Take heart from the harvest,
Shave the harvest from the earth.
Reasoning is partly insane,
Image just an eyeless game.
Miracles will have their claimers,
More will bow to Rome.
He and she are in the house,
But there's only me at home.
Rose is a rose of splendor,
Posed to respond in the end.
Lonely things like nights,
I find, end finer with a friend.
I hear in the rate of her heart.
A tear in the heat of the art.

Incenses and Oils

First, understand that many grimoires give elaborate instructions in obtaining ingredients for incenses, oils and spells. Pay no attention to these things.

Things like “collect the Vervain at the third hour of the Full Moon when Saturn is in Pisces, and only collect from the hallowed ground of a churchyard” would not make the Vervain any stronger. This long and drawn out instruction is given to sort the dabbler from the serious Witch. The Witch Proper knows to pay attention to the first part of the instruction, and ignore the latter.

It matters not where you obtain your ingredients. Obtain them any way you can in the most convenient way you can.

If you do get them from the wild, or from your garden, leave enough so that the plant can recover unless it is the final harvest of the season. Always thank the spirits of the land for their gift. A little bit of something as a gift is always good, and can be bread, wine, or something of you such as a drop of blood.

If you do harvest the herbs yourself, make sure you dry them completely before using them. Hanging them in the window in the sun is the best way that I’ve found.

Always know your herbs. If they are poisonous, use rubber gloves! Be mindful of the amount of the darker herbs that you use and their effect. Too much can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

Oils can be made if you wish to go through the trouble, but are found with a little bit of legwork much easier. The same goes for oils as with herbs. Know your oils and their effects before you use them. Again, gloves are appropriate for the darker oils.

Keep your herbs in clean jars with lids that seal. You can also use Zip-Loc bags. Keep them in a cool, dry location. Most will stay well for a good period of time. Label them well.

Oils should be kept in jars that seal as well. Keep them in a cool dark place. Make sure you mark them well with a marker that is permanent! Usually the best way is to label the top of the lid as oil tends to get onto the side of the container with use and will destroy any label.

Oils will stay good for about one year after the container is opened. After that they may spoil and will not work well.

A Woman I Know

I want to tell you about a woman I know.

When she walks into a room you can feel the sexuality radiate from her.

She is pleasing to the eye with her soft doe eyes, full lips and long hair.

Her body is a wonderland, perfect as a playground for lustful adventures.

Her voice is soft as so is her skin.

When she looks in your direction you can feel the heat rise in the nether regions and if she dances for you, you are done. I have watched her for many years interact with men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Rich or poor, she doesn’t care.

I watch these men try so hard to conquer her. Through manipulation of all sorts, they try to impress her, try to appeal to her nurturing side by trying to make her feel bad for them so she might try to make them feel better. They try outwitting her or intellectualize, she keeps up and surpasses them. She doesn’t bow to their egos.

She is kind and gentle but she will not diminish her self for the sake of a man’s ego. When none of the manipulation works, she is called the bitch. She is the one who has done wrong. She takes it all in stride. She has more strength of character then most men would ever think possible. She also has children whom she is the best kind of mother I have ever seen.

She raises them to be independent, not Mamas boys or weak girls but strong within them selves.

So what is she?

Is she a whore because she is very sexual?

Is she a bitch because she strong in character and intelligent, or is she a mother because she is warm and nurturing?

All of these qualities wrapped up in one woman?

I will tell you who she is...

She is a Witch.