Friday, March 28, 2008

A Woman I Know

I want to tell you about a woman I know.

When she walks into a room you can feel the sexuality radiate from her.

She is pleasing to the eye with her soft doe eyes, full lips and long hair.

Her body is a wonderland, perfect as a playground for lustful adventures.

Her voice is soft as so is her skin.

When she looks in your direction you can feel the heat rise in the nether regions and if she dances for you, you are done. I have watched her for many years interact with men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Rich or poor, she doesn’t care.

I watch these men try so hard to conquer her. Through manipulation of all sorts, they try to impress her, try to appeal to her nurturing side by trying to make her feel bad for them so she might try to make them feel better. They try outwitting her or intellectualize, she keeps up and surpasses them. She doesn’t bow to their egos.

She is kind and gentle but she will not diminish her self for the sake of a man’s ego. When none of the manipulation works, she is called the bitch. She is the one who has done wrong. She takes it all in stride. She has more strength of character then most men would ever think possible. She also has children whom she is the best kind of mother I have ever seen.

She raises them to be independent, not Mamas boys or weak girls but strong within them selves.

So what is she?

Is she a whore because she is very sexual?

Is she a bitch because she strong in character and intelligent, or is she a mother because she is warm and nurturing?

All of these qualities wrapped up in one woman?

I will tell you who she is...

She is a Witch.

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