Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What are Gods?

It seems to me that most folk spend a great deal of time trying to answer that question, and a greater amount of time being more and more confused as the question is posed over and over again, only to receive more answers than one could shake their staff at!

Personally, I dare not ask the question. Some things I simply accept because they just are.

I have felt the gracefulness of their touch, the pain of their anger, the humility of their lessons, and the fear and joy of their presence.To say that they are conjured up within our imagination to me is simply an easy way out of seeking them in their truth and power.Yes, the human psyche can create a reality; after all, we do have the power of creation. But as far as creating that which is the foundation of the bloodline, well, that would be as ludicrous as believing I created my mortal mother and father!

I choose simply to know what I have experienced to be the truth of the matter, and seek the deeper knowledge that our God and Goddess have to offer, that which we already know, and only need to remember.

I will leave these theologies to those who wish to argue amongst themselves!


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