Thursday, June 12, 2008


Lessons flowed to my spirit that day,
And these thoughts went through me swiftly,
As the black birds flocked above.
As they landed and looked upon me, they seemed to hear my mind.
And then off they went to their faraway places,
Carrying my thoughts away
Among the clouds and sky.

Flew away with my thoughts of doubt, panic, guilt and fear,
Past the flowing edge of the river they followed
That carried the images of my soul to the greater bodies of water.
And brought back to me as they returned, again they seemed to call,
See this now! Feel the coming of what is you!
New thoughts and glimmers of the bright lives you’ll have ahead!
Feel the oncoming freshness and embrace all that She has given you.
And learn from this, all of this.
All that is gone is not you anymore, cast as far from you as the East is from the West.
Doubt not, panic not, fear not and throw guilt aside.
All that is new is you, and even this will change.
Embrace the change, as the newness of spring comes alive again and again.
So is the newness of spring within you, again and again.


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