Sunday, April 19, 2009

I know

It's true, we're all a little insane.
But it's so clear, now that I'm unchained from your lies.
Fear is only in our minds,taking over all the time.
But you, poor innocent thing,
You'll dry your eyes and testify, you'll lie.
You know you think you'll break me, don't deny.
One day I'm gonna forget your name.
And on that one sweet day,
You're going to drown in my lost pain.
And oh you love to hate me don't you?
I'm your sacrifice. You, the martyr.
You hate that I dream in darkness,
You hate that I sleep to die.
To erase you completely, erase the lies.
My burning ashes blacken the day.
A world of nothingness, blows me away.
Do you wonder why you hate? I know why.
Are you still too weak to face your mistakes?
Are you just too weak to face the truth?
Do you wonder why? I know.

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