Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Most beautiful of poisons, border-plant,
wearing your small green cowl,
little friar, little murderer,
aconitine flows from your roots to your deep purple flowers,
small deceiver, centerpiece for a poisonous feast.

A few leaves in the salad,
a few seeds in the soup,
a thick root to flavor the stock and it is all over.

Let the lover beware
who buys you for love philters.

The dose is deceptive.
One pinch leads to passion
but two will surely lead to death.

Yet you twinkle little blue bell at the edge of the garden,
wearing no warning about your slim green neck.
Wolfsbane, Friar's cap, Chariot of Venus -
how many may claim to be poisonous head to toe?

That honor - Friar Death - belongs to you.

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