Sunday, October 28, 2007

Walnut Boats Divination

Open English walnuts, remove meat, and in each half shell fasten short pieces of differently colored candles, each of which is to be named for a person and, after lighting, set afloat in large tub of water or pond. The behavior of these tiny boats reveals future of those for whom they are named. If two glide on together, their owners have a similar destiny; if they glide apart, so will their owners. Sometimes candles will huddle together as if talking to one another, while perchance one will be left alone, out in the cold, as it were. Again, two will start off and all the rest will closely follow. The one whose candle first goes out is destined to be an old bachelor or maid. These nut-shell boats may also be made by pouring melted wax into halves of walnut-shells in which are short strings for wicks.

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Carol said...

this is a very handy way to check out if someone is being honest with you also. i have named the candles with people i know to see who it was not being honest with me . the one out on its own was the one that proved to be the back stabber.. being in the know helps with how you react to situations.