Monday, October 29, 2007


“It takes much time to gain the love and trust of a person, but only a moment to lose it.”

This statement is so true, but I feel the need to examine this and put it in context of what really should lie within a relationship with another person.

I believe all too often that friendship and love are simply too fleeting these days. Importance of relationships is of little meaning to most.

Too easily we are willing to throw away a wonderful, close and loving relationship with a friend or other significant persons. To be a true friend to someone is to know that person. Not just know, but understand and sympathize with that person, even in tough and very troublesome times.

A friend is someone we trust and love. And in return, we are loved and trusted. Yes, indeed it may take some time; even years to grow that love and trust. And yes, that trust can be, and probably will be broken from time to time. But that is what being a friend is all about. Knowing that the other may break a trust, but, truly in their heart, didn’t mean to, didn’t want to, and are sorry for doing so.

So, do we throw away love and trust at the whim? Hopefully the answer is no. If friendship and love have any meaning at all, it extends the hand of forgiveness and embraces despite it all. This shows that you can be trusted to be a friend, no matter the circumstance.

Isn’t that the trust we are really looking for anyway? To have a relationship with someone who loves you, embraces you, and trusts you just as much as you do them, no matter what.

Something to think about? Indeed.


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